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Artist background
Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Falun, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


Hi cyberspace! We're Fast Forward, a music project started by two swedish guys with too much time on their hands. <br> <br>Fast Forward first started off as a side-project in wich we could experiment a little more with different genres and do covers with weird instruments and generally just have fun. Turns out people like watching other people have fun, so we decided to make this our "main project". <br> <br>We've always had trouble keeping us to one style with our music so with Fast Forward we decided we're just gonna keep recording and putting out music we like no matter what genre or style. However our roots in rock and punk music will probably still somehow shine through in most of our music. <br> <br>Thanks for checking us out! Peace!!!



  • Wake Up

    By Shilovatt

  • Punk Rock Is Underestimated

    By Shilovatt