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Artist background


Bournemouth, United Kingdom



I am a bass player / recording engineer with a penchant for acoustic music and analogue old school. <br>I have an archive of past collaborations with various artists. I scout for talent that turns my handle and seek to produce material which showcases their uniqueness in a soundfield that suits my individual taste, in the faith that others will concur. This may involve additional musicians or even assembling a full band around the artist. <br>I currently have a permanent acoustic trio, Thirstyman, a seasoned festival & folk club band with whom I play bass, sing and particularly show off the songwriting talents of my bezzie mate Pete Thompson. My hunger for great acoustic music is inexhaustable and I will be auditioning for a while yet!.


  • Archive 2007-2011

    By Thirstyman

  • Live EP Centre Stage 2009

    By Thirstyman