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Artist background
Prisma Circus

Prisma Circus

Barcelona, Spain



Prisma Circus is a heavy psychedelic rock band based in Barcelona (SP) which, after releasing an openning EP (S/T) and touring Spain, Portugal and France, is beginning to get a place in the underground rock scene. The trio formed in 2010 by Alex Carmona Blanco on drums and Joaquín Escudero Arce on bass/vocals and the addition of Oscar García Albizu on guitars in 2011, recorded their first full lengh album titled "Reminiscences" during summer of 2013 at Black Pepper Studio (AKA Estudis Ground), avoiding any computer or digital process, all thought to get the warm and natural sound from the 60's and 70's classic (and rare) albums. <br>"Reminiscences" ( will be out in November on CD and Vinyl LP format, by the german record label World in Sound ( and digital self-release. <br>Prisma Circus will be touring Europe the next spring, <br>stay tuned! <br> <br> <br>contact: [email protected] <br>



  • Mk.II / Promethea's Armageddon

    By Prisma Circus

  • Reminiscences

    By Prisma Circus

  • Prisma Circus EP 2012

    By Prisma Circus