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Artist background
The Barefoot Experience

The Barefoot Experience

Brisbane, Australia



"If you like your music to slowly build with layers of atmospheric rock and a bit of psychedelics thrown in (think: Pink Floyd, The Doors), then the third album from local Brisbane three-piece outfit, The Barefoot Experience, should hit your sweet spot......Band members Steve Smith (vocals/guitar), Shane Kroll (bass) and Chris Scully (drums) have been playing together for 11 years “unlearning” all they had separately picked up from big sounding local rock bands pre-2004 to work on their craft of writing and performing atmospheric rock." - Hush Hush Biz <br> <br>Over 4 Albums The Barefoot Experience have built a sound that is their own. Their First release “Pictures of Space from an Underwater Camera” created a diverse landscape with influences from Neil Young, The Beatles, 70’s Psychedelia to just straight out Rock, not forgetting the 21 minute instrumental opus that is Knifepoint, these guys play what they love. Their Sophomore effort “Universe Unveiled” took them closer to their live sonic sound that they are known for, with songs such as Gethsemane, Amnesia, Good to Go and The Universe Unveiled still played live regularly by the boys. “Distorted Town” full of highs and lows. We get taken on a journey, meeting characters, and visiting places in this mythic town. Closer to their sonic live sound and with long-time co-producer “Bobby” Atkinson The Barefoot Experience have out done their previous efforts with abandon. <br>Latest album "Pelicans & Ghosts" out now.



  • Transitions 1​.​.

    By The Barefoot Experience

  • Pelicans & Ghosts

    By The Barefoot Experience

  • Distorted Town

    By The Barefoot Experience

  • The Universe Unveiled

    By The Barefoot Experience