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Artist background
South Harbour Ringers

South Harbour Ringers

Klippan, Sweden



South Harbour Ringers formed in spring 2010 when two old friends decided to put their money where the mouth is and join forces in a tiny rehearsal room in the South Harbour in Helsingborg, Sweden. The objective was to capture the songs hiding in the rip roaring groovy riffs subconsciously created by six-string wielder Fredrik Pettersson (a.k.a Frallah) over the years. This objective was surprisingly easy to meet. Joakim Persson (a.k.a Decadenso) tapped into the essence of the riffs and soon found himself scribbling lyrics about life, death and everything in between, and delivered them in his trademark uncompromising, in your face, vocal style. In a matter of weeks it became evident that a set of songs dying to be played loud with soul and heart was developing. Decadenso and Frallah realised the time had come to find people interested in forming a band. <br> <br>Their first hand choices were easy; the kind of music developing demanded extraordinary musicians able to deliver heavily distorted rock without loosing the roll. They could think of no better candidates than two old time friends and previous band mates: Daniel Persson (a.k.a Dolle) and Mats Persson (a.k.a Matta), born and bred in Klippan like the instigators. There was no doubt that the intense, precise and groovy drumming of rhythm genius Dolle and six string expertise of distortion fetishist Matta would bring the needed dynamics to the sound. <br> <br>All that was missing now was a bass player able to deliver the needed goods. However, after a while of hopeless wandering in the bass player-less desert, Fortuna decided to smile upon the band when four string connoisseur and bass frequency spiritualist Jonas Rodin (a.k.a Salamander) joined the band for a jam a hot day in July. Salamander immediately started to deliver the low frequency vibrations necessary to complete the South Harbour Ringer sound. The line up was complete!



  • Fat Acorn Sessions

    By South Harbour Ringers