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Artist background
Modern Caveman

Modern Caveman

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 3375


“…It’s something about their attitude that goes along with their music. Link is, if the expression is excused, radio rock of the finest brand. Modern Caveman is a band that deserves your love and your money. I suggest that you give them both as soon as you can.” - The Swedish magazine “Café”, June 2009 <br> <br>Modern Caveman is a rock band with the motto: rock music should first of all be delivered live! The audience seem to agree and shows all over Sweden has given Modern Caveman a will to really take on the world. The Swedish radio station “Rockklassiker” gave the single ”Surrender” from the album “Johnnywise” two thumbs up and it’s getting played on several radio stations. The song gave Modern Caveman wind in the sails and soon pod casts picked up “Surrender” worldwide. <br> <br>On the national day 2007 Modern Caveman once again showed their passion to play live. When the band was supposed to play a mini-festival just outside Sjöhistoriska Museet in Stockholm – a gig for almost 10 000 people, the organizer realised they had forgot to order electricity. But that didn’t stop Modern Caveman! <br> <br>- We said we hadn’t travelled 500 kilometres to turn back without doing what we came to do, so the sound engineer high-jacked the local electricity box and we could finally give the audience an awesome concert, says singer Johan Sandqvist.



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  • Modern Caveman

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