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Artist background


Toronto, Canada

Recruited By: Scout - 1799


Broken Bricks stumbled into this godforsaken world when one little boy was walking down a long, bright corridor one sunny afternoon. With an acoustic guitar slung around his shoulder, Marlon slam banged away on a couple of sharp, prickly thorns with no intention but to find a way through the forest and get back home again. <br> <br> Meanwhile another boy was playin' his harmonic-eye. A taller boy. 'N he was lost in some distant space, hidden behind a wooden door along that same hallway that Marlon was walkin' down. Luke kept on playing, and Marlon kept on walking until that handle turned and stomachs churned and no one spoke a word. They just played. One of the boys, don't know which one, doesn't really matter anymore sprung forth and said something about 'getting to know you'. And with a sledgehammer and a few chords, Broken Bricks were born. <br> <br>On a dark cool night, after the acquaintances were sealed both boys happened to be passing the Paddington Antique Shop on the other side of town when they came across another boy frozen in the window with drumsticks in either hand - the only way to set him free was to keep him moving. <br> <br> A little while later whilst rummaging through old boxes where the three fathers of these boys had kept their deepest, darkest thoughts, they came across a key with a strange marking on the front, an emblem. They walked toward the attic door behind them, and clutching key in hand opened the door to the other side where the fourth boy was sitting, four strings in hand - waiting for a band. Now <br> <br>Broken Bricks keep on chooglin' down the line, breaking each stone dividing this from that - with the vision of a lonesome dirty rat just tryin' to catch the cat. Anyone who'll drop a coin into the hat is welcome on board to fight the good fight and to keep this melding wave of symphonic delights and sinful sounds alive and well - to keep rock 'n' roll the devils music. In all of it's many shapes and swells <br>


  • Pasquale

    By Broken Bricks