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Artist background


Preston, United Kingdom



Hi <br> <br>My name is Glyn Nightingale. I'm 36 years old and have a passion for music <br> <br>In the last year or so I've thoroughly enjoyed writing electronic dance music. I realize its becoming increasingly difficult to be original but I like the challenge of writing something good that will get people moving their feet. Although time is very short with working full time in an office job, I spend most evenings and weekends in my studio challenging myself to improve in my song writing and film scoring capabilities. <br> <br>I have recently put the finishing touches to my new album 'Second Wave', which I have uploaded to my site, '' and is available to listen to/download. I have been working on the album in my spare time for over a year and I am very proud of it. It's a sonic fusion of electro sounds, incorporating elements of dance and film music. My personal favourite is 'Ignite', which I wrote with my overseas colleague Karsten Durand from Ohio, USA. He wrote and sung the vocals which accompanied my music. The song recently won Demo Of The Month in 'Futuremusic' magazine which I was ecstatic about and I won a top of the range music sequencer and audio interface. 'Ignite' also reached the semi-final stage of last years UK Songwriting Contest and was aired on BBC Radio 6 Music's Introducing show with Tom Robinson. It was handpicked by Tom Robinson himself to appear on the BBC podcast. <br> <br>Music is my life and I love writing feel good uplifting music, whether it's a euphoric bass driven electro dance track or a chilled out melodic film soundtrack. I am enjoying my musical journey but my ambition is to work in the music industry, either as an artist or producer. <br> <br>Glyn Nightingale



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