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Artist background
The Kill You Till You Dies

The Kill You Till You Dies

Stenungsund, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


The Kill You Till You Dies – are five creative people from the west coast of Sweden. In 2008 they came up with the fantasic idea of making serious rock music with a slight touch of sarcasm and a big lack of self-distance. Even if it took some time, they’ve managed to make a record that sounds like a lot you haven’t heard of. <br>Inspired by Lorenzo Lamas and very small pants they now chock the audience with their in-your-face attitude. Even Henry Rollins would be surprised! See them for yourself! You won’t be disappointed. <br> <br>TKYTYD: <br>Linus Pilebo – Sound Shaper <br>Mikael Larsson – Black & White Ivory <br>Rickard Johnsson – Cylinders <br>Christoffer Nilsson – Six String Board <br>Per Pilebo – Four String Board



  • The Kill You Till You Dies

    By The Kill You Till You Dies