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Artist background


Vaasa, Finland



Srofase is a rock group from Vaasa, Finland equally influenced by 80’s rock, today’s rock guitar and melodic lead vocals. <br> <br>Jupe and Pikkis , the group's founders, began playing together in the end of the 90’s already. After about ten years break the same musical inspiration got them together again and a project called “Undoredo” was started. <br> <br>The band Srofase formed in 2011 when Tony and Esa joined the group. This made it possible that songs got their place pretty fast and the first release 1804 (unsigned) was born. Music moves from one sound to another where e.g. interpretation of the singer can be sensed easily. Lyrics seem to have some spirit but do not contain any backward messages ;-) <br> <br>Srofase : <br>Esa: Lead Vocals <br>Pikkis: Drums, Percussion <br>Tony: Keyboard, Bass <br>Jupe: Guitars, Backing Vocals


  • 1804

    By Srofase