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Artist background


Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Alternative , Rock

Seven years have now passed since Taikes; a grunge alternative rock band from Sweden formed. It all started when Johan Fredin (vocals/guitar), Alex Hedling (bass) and Oskar Landgren (drums) meet with the great desire of starting a band. Now; what can an independent young rock band do in 7 years? Well it’s easy, if you listen to their first EP “Nothing More, Nothing Less” and immediately listen to “Apologize To All Your Friends” their latest full length album you will have an idea of the great potential of this band. <br> <br>Taikes have made real progress. They have won several music contests, had over 100 gigs in Sweden and made two tours in Mexico, their repertoire consists of over 40 original songs, recorded on five EPs and two studio albums. Songs by Taikes have been played on radio stations all around the world and are available for streaming on Spotify and World-Wide download through iTunes and their website, <br> <br>But as we all know; life is always changing, and so is music. This leads to artists reinventing their sound, Taikes' second LP, "Apologize To All Your Friends", is a new approach for the band without losing their trademark sound. Taking off from where “Dreamcatcher" (2007) left, "Apologize To All Your Friends" features 10 tracks full of grunge alternative rock power. <br> <br>Without a shadow of a doubt, the band's reinvention can be most heard in songs like "Chloroform", "Sever" and "Violator", three heavy powerful songs that promise to be 1 hits in the future. Taikes explores this new sound further on songs like "Everybody Dies", "Aquatic", "Memento" and "Pulse", which are the quiet songs in the album but still they have a heavy sound, which can be best recognized for the fans as Taikes’ signature. <br> <br>Alternative songs like "Bones" and "Get It Right", stand out for their grunge rock sound, which was the band’s main approach during their early career. Also in this songs you can notice the awesome drumming of Oskar Landgren. <br> <br>A track worth listening again is "Daft Anthem", in which Alex Hedling added a crazy bass funky sound to it, taking the song to a whole new level. <br> <br>Taikes' lyrics on "Apologize To All Your Friends" are mostly about rage, which will make a connection with every listener, as Johan Fredin sings his way through everyday situations, showing that time has not been in vain, as his songwriting skills have grown and his voice sounds better than ever. <br> <br>Taikes are ready to jump out to great big stages, are you ready for them?



  • Theory of Mind

    By Taikes

  • Apologize to all your friends

    By Taikes