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Artist background


Valencia, Spain
A&R at Record Union



Born in Spain, in 1979. He studied Piano, Composition and Conducting at the Conservatoire of Seville and Valencia with distinctions. In 1999 obtains a scholarship granted by the Andalusia Government to study at the University of Music and Dramatic Art of Vienna with M. Jarrell and Leopold Hager. <br> <br>In 2006 is guested as composer at the Singapore National University where is laureated with ACM SIGCHI Research Award (Singapore, 2006); at the Musiques Recherches (Bélgica), SARC (Valencia), Bilbao University, UPV (Valencia). First Arts Prize (2003), granted by the Andalusia Government. Laureated at 'Miniaturas Electroacústicas' - Confluencias Composition Contest (Huelva, 2008), NexeDuet competition (Valencia, 2009), Laboratorio del Espacio LIEM-CDMC (Madrid, 2010), XXII Composition Contest SGAE Fundación Autor-CNDM (2011). PhD. at the Polytechnic Valencia University, thesis tittle: Electroacústica: la expresión del gesto sonoro. <br> <br>Commissioned by performers like NexeDuet, Espai Sonor, Kontakte, group of percussio, Xelo Giner, Iñigo Ibaibarriaga, etc. His works have been recognized by renowned composers such as J. C. Risset, José Luís de Delas, José Luis Turina, Luis de Pablo. <br> <br>Conducts 'Pro-Arte Symphonische Orchester', 'Ensemble Artistique' in Vienna, Kammerorchester' in Linz (Austria), as well as diverse ensembles in Austria, where simultaneously some of their works are premiered. Guest by the Spanish Embassy in Vienna in concerts organized by the Austria and Slovenia Embassies. Guested in Spain as conductor and composer in Aragón, Andalucia, Madrid, Barcelona, Pais Vasco. Guest Conductor by 'Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana'. From 2002 to 2005 he is Assistant Conductor of 'Jove Orquesta de la Generalitat Valenciana'. Guest conductor of NUS orchestra, CFA Ensemble (Singapore). <br> <br>As composer he has a works catalogue that includes from soloist works to symphonic and large Opera. His works have been premiered at international festivals as CFA (Singapur), Synthese (Bourges, Francia), IDKA, FYLKINGEN (Suecia), FII (Colombia), Architectures Contemporaines (Marsella, Francia), Primavera Electroacústica (la Habana - Cuba), and Spanish Festivals such us Punto de Encuentro (Valencia), Sinkro (Vitoria), Zeppelin (Barcelona), Convención Internacional de Percusión (Badajoz), Festival Klem (Bilbao), etc.



  • Acousmati-c

    By Carlos D. Perales

  • Electronic birds

    By Carlos D. Perales

  • Acousmatic-a

    By Carlos D. Perales

  • Acousmatic-0

    By Carlos D. Perales