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Artist background


Mexico, Mexico


Electronic , Rock

Dhalius Music is a one-man-band project, created in 2002, with the help of his bother, Adrian started to use Fruity Loops 3.4 on a Windows XP Machine, recording live via windows sound recorder. Adrian began creating music since the age of 12, sharing his creations with his older brother.In 2010 Adrian began creating music on a more professional manner, using a Macintosh with Logic and GarageBand, not after testing Pro-Tools on a Windows Machine. From 2009 to 2011, Dhalius gained some projection inside Mexico, United States and some parts of Europe, using first the jamendo tools for exposure, and now affiliated with PrsForMusic on the U.K. <br> <br>Dhalius Has published 3 Full Albums from 2009 to 2011, on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. (Betty is Gone, Today I Kill and Tomorrow ill die and Youth Revolver)



  • Youth Revolver

    By Dhalius

  • Today I Kill, Tomorrow Ill Die

    By Dhalius

  • Betty is gone

    By Dhalius