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Artist background
I Shot Alice

I Shot Alice

Stavanger, Norway



Out of the womb of mother Stavanger, a 6 piece band came together the spring of 2010. With ambitions for making the most enjoyable music able. To soothe their lust for killer tones and earsplitting beats they practiced like the devil himself and worked on getting their message out there. <br> <br> So then it was the dreadful day that the beast that is I Shot Alice, had their debut show, at Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger. They were met with an eager audience, who showed that passion really is contagious. With fists in the air, Stavanger let themselves loose, lifting the roof with all that they had in them. <br> <br> Feeling that Stavanger really showed what it was worth ISA set their dreadful eyes on Oslo. The blessed Nordic Fest brought something else to I Shot Alice. And with stunned eyes, ISA saw, felt and embraced all of Nordic Fest's energies. <br> <br> Together they form a harmony of friendship with a passion for music, and their experience in earlier bands like Circle Of Reminiscence(NO), When Sin Fails(NO), Fall of medusa(NO) and Influence of the dead marsipan(NO) gave them the edge for making this project possible, and making it a pleasure for your bleeding ears. <br> <br> Sounds interesting? Well rest assured, they are gathering their instruments of war and will soon be coming to a battlefield near you!



  • Debut

    By I Shot Alice