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Artist background


Hilversum, Netherlands



The band Die Drei Dudelim ('the three players of tunes') consists of three good friends who have been playing Klezmer music since 1994. Their music is heavily inspired by the old Eastern European Klezmer tradition, but with a modern 'feel', and it clearly reveils their classical music education. <br>The Dudelim are multi-instrumentalists, playing several guitars, violin, clarinet, and mandolin as well as double bass, but they also distinguish themselves by their excellent vocals. The moods of their songs vary from quiet and melancholic to vibrant, fast, and full of excitement.


  • Schpil ze mir, Klezmorimlach!

    By Dudelim

  • Spiel Klezmer Spiel

    By Dudelim

  • Yiddische Liederen

    By Dudelim