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Artist background
13 Frightened Girls

13 Frightened Girls

London, United Kingdom


Alternative , Folk , Pop

The daughter of Hollywood film director John Brahm, Sumishta Brahm was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and raised in Los Angeles, California. Displaying a talent for painting and drawing she studied at various art colleges, including Walt Disney's California Institute of the Arts. She later worked at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica where she started her singing and songwriting career as a solo artist, performing under the name 13 Frightened Girls (the name was taken from the early 60's William Castle B-movie). Sumishta supported bands on the LA club scene, including The Saints and Camper Van Beethoven. In the early 80's she lived in New York City, met Jack Rabid and worked for his now illustrious music magazine The Big Takeover. The high-point of her Manhattan sojourn was the occasion Bob Dylan joined-in, on piano, on one of her songs at a rehearsal studio. <br> <br>Sumishta relocated to England where 13 Frightened Girls was formed into a full band with the backing of Iain Shedden (formerly of the Saints) - drums, Keith Williams - lead guitar and Lode Vandermeulen - bass who moved back to Belgium and became the bass player for Aroma di Amore. <br> <br>!3 Frightened Girls released a single in 1991 on the Foundation label, owned by music producer Stephen Street. The single, 'Lost At Sea' was produced by Pat Fish (aka The Jazz Butcher) and received favourable reviews, yet, like the other artists on the label, the company's commitment towards their releases took a back seat as Street's reputation as a producer strengthened (Blur, Morrissey and The Cranberries) and resulted in the eventual and predictable demise of the label. <br> <br>In the UK Sumishta toured with Richard Thompson ( in 1960s Richard Thompson was the lead guitarist and songwriter for the folk-rock group Fairport Convention, which he had co-founded in 1967) and she performed support slots for Heidi Berry (with whom she also toured as backing vocalist), Lucinda Williams, Andy White and the South African world music stars Johnny Clegg & Savuka. She also guested on two Creation recordings by The Jazz Butcher (Cult Of The Basement and Condition Blue) and with ex-Sound member Adrian Borland & The Citizens (Alexandria) as well as toured with The Nivens briefly in France and appeared in their promotional video of their song "Play Blue" and sang backup vocals on "House Come Tumbling Down" off their Sex, Lies and Gaffatape LP. <br> <br>Now has recorded a new full-length album containing a fresh catalogue of material, including a few old favourites with new arrangements, 'Good Natured'. <br> <br>13FG are looking forward to performing more live gigs in and around London and perhaps further afield if requested. <br> <br>Sumishta's vocals have been described as similar to that of Joni Mitchell, Harriet Wheeler (Sundays), Mazzy Star etc., even so, she and Keith Williams together are uniquely, and irrevocably......13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS!



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