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Artist background
Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty

Oslo, Norway


Pop , Rock

Bay Of Plenty is a norwegian rock band based in Oslo. The five-piece consisting of Audun Rensel (vocals), Jan Abild (guitar), Christian Løsnesløkken (bass), Øyvind Hodneland (drums), and Lars Ole Søvde (keys) chose a band name that is constantly begging for a fresh and innovative sound. Drawing on elements from modern and alternative rock, as well as from the world of synthesizers and electronic pop, Bay Of Plenty invite people into their own unique dream landscape of energetic rock. Their first official release was their self-titled EP that saw the light of day in June 2011. In November the same year the band went into the studio again, this time in Northern Ireland with producer Tre Sheppard, to record a new single. In February 2012, Take Heart was released, and it immediately entered #1 on the iTunes Norwegian rock chart. <br>Later the same year, the band revisited Northern Ireland to record the band's second EP. "Chasing Signs" with it's soothing melodies and vibrant sound was soon recognised as something extraordinary among A&R in L.A and London. The following year, the band played several gigs in London/Brighton (The Great Escape Festival) and continued to see a growing fan base in Norway. 2014 saw the band reach second place in the Emergenza festival in Norway in front of a packed Rockefeller venue in Oslo, and new music was recorded together with Pony the Pirate members Joakim Johanessen and Kristian Harnes. The new single, "No Compromise", was released May 15th 2015.



  • Fruit Walk

    By Fake Marble

  • No Compromise

    By Bay Of Plenty

  • Chasing Signs

    By Bay of Plenty

  • Make You Mine

    By Bay of Plenty

  • Take Heart

    By Bay of Plenty

  • Bay of Plenty

    By Bay of Plenty