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Artist background
 Leitung Conrad Zwicky

Leitung Conrad Zwicky

Urdorf/Zurich, Switzerland



WIEDISCON RECORDS was founded in 1992. Under the management of the musician and sound technician Conrad Zwicky a series of first-class recordings was created. With the help of modern computer technology it became possible to obtain the highest quality of music recording at affordable prices. The teamwork of musicians, sound experts, designers, music scientists and last but not least translators provides high quality productions. WIEDISCON can also be found in the "Bielefelder Katalog." <br> <br> <br>Conrad Zwicky was born in Basel. He studied viola and organ at the City of Basel Music Academy. After graduation he taught the viola at the Lucerne Conservatory, where he became a member of the “Festival Strings Lucerne”. As of 1972 he was assistant soloist with the Zurich Tonhalle orchestra (1979 soloist). In 1981 he successfully passed the examination for concert organist. At present he is the viola player in a chamber music formation, a teacher of viola, violin and organ, substitut organist of several churches in Zurich and gives concerts as viola player, organist, harpsicordist and conductor. As a soloist and chamber musician he has been travelling widely in Europe and overseas.



  • Trumpet Concertos Litzler

    By Philippe Litzler

  • Boccherini Stabat Mater

    By Salome Zwicky, Soprano

  • Pergolesi: Stabat Mater

    By Salome Zwicky , Anna Schaffner , Conrad Zwicky , Ensemble

  • EMPHASIS - Orchesterwerke von ..

    By Conrad Zwicky, Zürcher Streichersolisten, Philharm. Kammerorchester Kosice

  • Klavierquintette Dvorak, Marti..

    By Conrad Zwicky , Bernhard Billeter , Zürcher Klavierquintett , Herbert Scherz , Lisbeth Käppeli , Regula Faesi

  • Bach im Basler Münster

    By Urban Walser , Ensemble

  • Bach: Brandenburg. 6, Concerto..

    By Conrad Zwicky , Playadenensemble

  • Bach: Brandenb. 3-5, Violinkz...

    By Conrad Zwicky , Playadenensemble

  • Bach: Brandenburgische Konzert..

    By Conrad Zwicky, Playadenensemble

  • Duos für zwei Violinen Bartok ..

    By Igor Karsko , Jana Karskova

  • Serenade Flute and Guitar

    By Schwarzenbach, Bolliger

  • Tastenspiele (Key Games)

    By Emanuele Jannibelli, Daniel Zbinden

  • Viola Concertos

    By Conrad Zwicky, Zürcher Streichersolisten

  • Paris des Rêves (Orgel Improvi..

    By Krzysztof Ostrowski

  • Visions Romanes

    By Emanuele Jannibelli

  • Rheinberger Violin and organ H..

    By Bartek Niziol, Andrzej Mielewczyk

  • Populäre Orgelmusik Popular or..

    By Conrad Zwicky

  • Telemann Viola Concertos

    By Conrad Zwicky , Playaden Ensemble

  • Mozart Flute quartets

    By Schwarzenbach, Balkanyi, Zwicky, Pezzotti

  • J. Chr. Bach Flute and Organ s..

    By Schwarzenbach, Zwicky

  • Mozart sonatas flute and organ

    By Schwarzenbach, Zwicky

  • Viola Sonatas Schubert and Bra..

    By Zwicky, Estermann

  • Rheinberger organ sonatas

    By Conrad Zwicky

  • Mendelssohn Organ sonatas

    By Conrad Zwicky

  • Lefébure-Wély

    By Hans-Jürgen Studer , Orgel