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Artist background
The Gravy Train

The Gravy Train

London, United Kingdom



BIOGRAPHY <br> <br>Formed in Tokyo in late 2008, The Gravy Train are a multi-culti live outfit from Britain, Canada, Japan and the US, based in London and Tokyo. <br> <br>A feature band during "UK-Japan Year 2008", The Gravy Train quickly established themselves as a top local act by securing a sellout Saturday night at the iconic rockabilly hangout, Crocodile Club, in Shibuya with their regular UK-Japan Night. <br> <br>Musical pedigree is a forte, with a number of professionals in the ranks: Rob Gommerman is the former Finger Eleven drummer; percussionist Damien Cavanagh from Circulus, and keyboardist, Mami Horano, a well-known full-time circuit member in Japan. Session musician, Forrest Nelson, injects funk on the bass and harmony to the vox, with multi-musician Chris Cooling making his way through the bass, guitars, drums, harp, and vocals throughout the set. Band songwriter, and lead singer, Kev Gray, has won awards for songs from his Shipwrecked CD from Medici Studios in Australia with ARIA producer, Mike Stangel. <br>  <br>Songs vary from venue to venue and the state of the crowd. From Slow Cuban Funk on Voodoo Doll to Uber-Rockabilly on Mississippi Nelson, the sheer eclecticism of lyrical themes, genres and tempos is testament to the ever-evolving nature of The Gravy Train. <br> <br>Their mission is unashamedly that of bringing music back to the listener. Asked why, they argue in a world of autotune and programmed music, live performance must prevail, hence their focus on connecting with the audience through dynamic vocals and lyrical content that mirror everyday themes - cold feet at the altar, the rat race, having children, escaping responsibility, swingers parties, the inability to grow up. The band stating that if you have something worth saying, people will listen. <br> <br>Diversity is the essence of the group and comes through in the course of albums and gigs: a Brit indie singer, a Canadian rock drummer, an Amercian funk bassist, a Japanese soul keyboardist, a West Coast folk blues guitarist and Nashville picker - somehow it all works. <br> <br>While recent performances have included venerable venues as Hard Rock Cafe and La Mama, the band has been working on festival tours, last year included appearances at Aeon Festival and Wimbledon Calling in the UK. To support this, two albums - Antidote and Prisoner in Paradise - will be released later this year, with Gray also cutting a solo album, The Veil Has Been Lifted. <br> <br>After a successful period in Japan, including Japan Music Week, the band will head back to the UK and the US for the summer festival season to promote the new recordings. <br> <br>In terms of live performance, songwriting, groove, versatility and vocal quality, we believe The Gravy Train has the most to offer to any live audience. <br> <br>Samples can be heard on the band websites: <br> <br>  <br> <br> <br>



  • Antidote

    By The Gravy Train