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Artist background


Borlänge, Sweden



Soulsweeper is the ultimate band of variety where each song is like an individual, but still has a connection to the very essence of the band. <br> <br>It's the beerdrinkers rock n roll, that originated in the town of Borlänge/Sweden and are therefore doomed for success. <br> <br>The influences are grabbed from the very crotch of heavy-metal and no idea is too retarded, unless.... its TOO retarded! <br> <br>The music appeals most likely, but involuntarily, hairy men and geeky boys, and is often described as "heavy, groovy and beer-inviting" <br> <br>In the generation of hard working industrial fuck-ups, Soulsweeper will always be here to stay... <br>at least until quitting time... (4PM)


  • Blood & Peace

    By Soulsweeper