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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 1031


Pitchblack-Ltd saw light of day in the advent of this new century. With an ambition to create something undefineable and new, songwriter Mike Granditsky still had some clear thoughts on what this new band should be about. Pitchblack-Ltd delivers a groove that might bear resemblance to 70´s krautrock, and you are likely to find traces of punk, funk, soul, reggae and some new wave, executed with an edgy energy. One could argue that Pitchblack-Ltd draws inspiration from such diverse acts as Roxy Music, The Pop Group, Magazine and Sly & The Family Stone, but bear in mind that the bands open-mindedness for experimentation calls for a few fixed points. To go someplace new, one has to be well-rooted in the past. <br>Since forming Quiet Men in the dawn of punk, Mike Granditsky has fronted Spirited Sin and Kingfisher Men. With the first, vinyl-only, Pitchblack-album "Upton Park" (2001), he started the journey towards what is now Pitchblack-Ltd. In 2005, the band released a self-titled cd, which further explored the Groove, the Bassline and the Soul. 2007 sees a new incarnation of Pitchblack-Ltd with new core members Poke S and experienced reggaebasist Kenny McKenzie. The new album "Friction" takes it one step further, with a more stripped-down, electronic sound, but with the same soulful delivering.



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