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Artist background
Chuck Eaton

Chuck Eaton

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Pop , Pop , Pop

Chuck Eaton discography <br>Albums - <br>One million words (2006) <br>Lights (2009) <br>Tracks (2014) <br>Lessons (2017) <br>Singles: <br>Silvia (2009) and A dewy Morning (2009), Instrumental feat. Bart Ciampa. <br>We’ve got a treasure (2009) Duet with Tina Romanius <br>Take this Christmas (2009), Chuck Eaton and friends <br> <br>First things first, his records are not going to be for everyone. But if the love song, easy listening camp is right up your alley, then this is a very good representation of the genre. It is apparent that Eatons focus lies in his songwriting, but the ability and versatility of his musicianship should be noted as well. He knows his way around a guitar for sure and does well in song arrangement as well. As a whole, his albums contain well-written songs and well… one might be the soundtrack of any and every love story out there. <br>



  • Lights

    By Chuck Eaton

  • One million words

    By Chuck Eaton