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Artist background
Raging Spirit

Raging Spirit


Recruited By: Scout - 15136


This is a small bio of: Raging Spirit. <br>(The giant from Iceland) Sverrir Marinosson had been playing with Full Metal Jacketz (Gothenburg) <br>and when they broke up he searched for new people to rock with. <br>He found Paul and Kenny (from Tornado Babies) <br>and Tommie (who used to play in The Nuts and Stillborn) <br>Together they created Raging Spirit while listening to Trouble, <br>Wildhearts and Ramones. <br>In the beginning they had Robert Dahne on the vocals, <br>(former singer of Ancient Slumber) <br>This line up recorded 2 demos and made some gigs before Rob decided to quit. <br>(Sverrir's ex band member) Christian presented Magnus Weidenmo <br>to the boys and since he sang like a god he was the perfect guy for the job!!! <br>Demos were recorded continuously and they made a few gigs too. <br>They even made two videos: Memories and To the sky. <br>Then Magnus suddently decided to leave Gothenburg for Los Angeles! <br>He went there to learn how to sing (?)



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    By Raging Spirit