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Artist background
Promises Promises

Promises Promises

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Rock , Pop

Formed in Gothenburg 2006, focusing on jams and making up melodic magic as we go. <br>Members Per Eldh (vox), Olle Nilsson (bass) and Johan Meisel (drums). Became a 4-piece organisation with the addition of Richard Gustafsson (guitar) in 2007, and back to 3-piece in 2010. <br> <br>Influenced by heroes such as PJ Harvey, Kurt Vile, Pixies, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, early U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, John/Paul/George, The War On Drugs, James, etc. <br> <br>Debut 10-track album release in 2013, produced, mixed and recorded by Kristian Anttila. <br>A selfrecorded/produced 6-track EP will follow.



  • Vote! EP

    By Promises Promises

  • Promises Promises

    By Promises Promises

  • Your Ways

    By Promises Promises

  • Radio Sux

    By Promises Promises