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The New Love

The New Love




Writing a bio when you’re releasing your first EP is kind of like writing memoirs when you finish middle school. We just haven’t had the time to achieve that much yet. <br> <br>Alfred and Vincent have played music together since ’00, but that’s another band’s story. In any case, along with guitarist Kalle we moved to Falun to play music, since that’s our passion. <br> <br>At the start, we thought we’d continue in the spirit of our old project, but we soon figured out that we wanted something else. Singing about love, girls and such just didn’t feel that fresh anymore. Instead we experimented our way to The New Love, a pop rocky punk-indie hybrid with equal parts social criticism and personal experiences. <br> <br>We’ve now lovingly thrown together an EP, containing four tracks. More music is on the way and we long to get out and rock the stage again. We have waited for way too long, but we’re still in love.



  • Stand Aside

    By The New Love