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Artist background
Primate Arcade

Primate Arcade

Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Rusty Notes


Primate Arcade started out in 2008 and have since then recorded 2 albums (one of which is available here on record union). The first one between 2008-2009. After that, the band changed drumer and in short, they started to record another album which were finished june 2011. The album was named "Nox Psilocybina Caelum" and contains 11 tracks. <br> <br>The music ha been described as influenced by Motörhead and Nashville pussy with a twist of the 90's grunge-scene. <br> <br>Current Lineup <br>Jonas -Vocals <br>Mattias - Guitars <br>Martin - Bass <br>Christian - Synth <br>Miche - Drums


  • Get a brick

    By Primate arcade

  • Nox Psilocybina Caelum

    By Brendas Awakening