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Artist background


Gothenburg, Sweden
Recruited By: Hasse


G.O.L.D. – a Swedish Psychedelic Power Rock band formed in December 1989 after their first live performance at famous CBGB´s Club in New York. The band got a gig after sending a demo cassette tape to Hilly Kristal in 1989. The band performed live at CBGB’s with New York based guest artist J. Romano (The Living Room) on additional vocals. <br> <br>Original Members of G.O.L.D., Per Svensson – Vocals&Guitar, Johan Bomberg - Drums, Mårten Eriksson - Bass, Magnus Paulsson – Guitar formed the band G.O.L.D. This gruop of musicians were pioneers in Sweden in creating power rock in the late eighties, influenced by the music of the Stooges, the Cult, and Velvet Underground, G.O.L.D. toured Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Among venues Gold played were Ecstazy Club in Berlin (with head act Union Carbide Prod.) Barbue i Copenhagen (engineered by Henrik Venant), Hog Heaven, Cityhallen and Dailys in Stockholm, Östra Liden and Mud Club in Gothenburg and during the early 90’s. <br> <br>G.O.L.D. was released on the compilation album ”Swedish Exotica vol. III (Psychick Release) with the song ”Street Jesus”among bands like Zonk, Whipped Cream and Union Carbide Productions <br> <br>G.O.L.D. did also the vinyl single split series by King Kong Records with the cover ”Kick out the Jams” by MC5 and split with Union Carbide Prod. doing Alice Cooper’s ”Long way to go”. <br> <br>G.O.L.D. released their first album 1991 entitled ”Magic Power” on Psychick Release Records run by Carl Abrahamsson and distributed by MD. Their Second Album entitled ”Dangerzone” was recorded 1993 and was to be released shortly after, but was unreleased because of a natural disaster, the studio Thunderload was flooded with water and the Master tapes were destroyed. The studio was damaged. GOLD did after many years find a copy of this master. ”Dangerzone” became the second album against all odds. <br>


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