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Artist background


United Kingdom



New up and coming acoustic folk band ‘House of Sparrows’, from Norfolk. Duo consisting of Codi Nelson on vocals and piano and Ben Reeve on guitar. <br> <br>One day, thanks to influences from the likes of Bob Dylan; Johnny Cash; Adele; Florence & The Machine; Christy Moore; Tracy Chapman; Damien Rice; Eva Cassidy and Badly Drawn Boy, Ben and Codi had decided to experiment, mixing their different talents together- covering a wide range of songs and performing some of the songs originally written by the bands own Ben Reeve, and out of that came House of Sparrows. <br> <br>They recorded their first demo in early March 2011, including the tracks: <br> <br>You got the love – Florence and The Machine (cover) <br>Make you feel my love – Bob Dylan (cover) <br>House of the rising sun – House of Sparrows (original) <br>Changing – House of Sparrows (original) <br> <br>Which can be heard at: <br> <br>Now, they are just trying to play gig’s whenever they can, wherever they can, just for the pure love of performing music that they love <br>


  • House of Sparrows

    By House of Sparrows

  • House of The Rising Sun (Cover..

    By House Of Sparrows