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Alien Inquisition

Alien Inquisition

Detroit, United States of America
Recruited By: Scout - 13445

Rock , Alternative , 9

Alien Inquisition Review: <br> <br>Make no mistake, psychedelic and experimental rock are not one and the same nor are they meant to define. However, combine these along with grunge, metal, and a long list of not so similar genres and you can begin to scratch the surface of this underground movement known as Alien Inquisition. <br> <br>Formed in 2007 beneath the ruins of Detroit Rock City members Jason Helsel and Michael "Radar" Markham found chemistry in creating the unconventional. Sharing both songwriting and vocal duties the <br>outcome is a slightly sinister poetry that shows little boundaries. With their sound now in place Alien Inquisition began performing in various clubs around the surrounding Detroit area as a 2 piece, embracing the challenge of matching and surpassing the strength of any rock outfit regardless the number of members. <br> <br>During the next 3 years Alien Inquisition spent time writing and performing. Releases included: “One Way Mirror" (2007); “Faceless” (2007); and "The New Union" (2009) all self-produced and recorded. Along the way they found themselves placing in numerous online contests including “Play Mayercraft” competition sponsored by Ernie Ball, and the “Your Next Record with Slash” competition sponsored by Guitar Center. In addition, their debut video for “'Cause I F___ing Will” premiered at the Mid-Summer Con in Detroit and received airtime on local cable show, Wolfman Mac TV. <br> <br>With a head full of steam, the highly anticipated followup album "The Virgin" has recently been released along with a second music video to the self titled first single. Staying true to their formula , there is no shortage in the unconventional songwriting that defines them. With plans of continuously building this movement throughout 2012, look for Alien Inquisition at a club near you. And if you're willing to accept a no-boundaries genre, this 2 man wall of music is for you. <br>



  • Diamagnetic

    By Alien Inquisition

  • Sunshine Fades [single]

    By Alien Inquisition

  • The Virgin [single]

    By Alien Inquisition

  • The Virgin

    By Alien Inquisition