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Artist background
Peter Matthew Kasen

Peter Matthew Kasen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recruited By: Hasse


I was born in Miami, Florida. I started as a Solo Artist in May of 2005 in Berkeley, CA under the name, Propel. I studied Songwriting, Guitar, and Composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Previous to going Solo, I was always in bands, never on my own. Until I released a EP in May of 2005 entitled, "A Year Worth Forgetting". That EP allowed me to tour alot up and down the I - 5 Corridor from San Francisco to Seattle on 7 different tours. I recorded a song called "Exhale" for a compilation I was featured on called, "Best of the Bay Area Volume 1". I than recorded another unreleased song called "Looking Glass" for a compilation called, "Emo goes Acoustic". Neither song was ever released on any of my records, other than on those 2 compilations. <br> <br>2006 provided me a move to Los Angeles, where I recorded and released my 2nd EP entitled, "Antique Scars". This EP allowed me to do more touring into Arizona and a bit of the Midwest of the US. It gained alot of reviews, and radio play throughout the US and parts of Europe. <br> <br>In 2008 I recorded my debut Full Length record, "Dust, Doors, and Debt" in Wales, United Kingdom. This was a 10 song album, that became a UK imprint and allowed me more positive reviews, continued radio play, and the opportunity to come back to Europe to tour in the future. <br> <br>In Jan of 2009, my current EP, "VEER" was released in the US. "VEER", has now been released in France by Record Label, MEKA in July of 2009. With packaging/shipping to ALL of Central Europe. Later to come in 2009, "VEER" will also be released in Brazil. <br> <br>Touring in Central Europe as well as Scandinavia, will be from September to December to support the re release of "VEER" in Europe. <br>



  • VEER

    By Peter Matthew Kasen