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Madison, GA, United States of America
A&R at Record Union



DMS is a one stop shop for all your recording and production needs. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment and software that gives our clients the best possible sounding products so they know they’re music can be competitive in today’s music industry. <br> <br>DMS specializes in recording all types of music, audio for video productions, radio spot production, narrations, audio books and all other vital elements to projects that include high definition audio recording. <br> <br>While we promise to deliver quality HD sound DMS also provides valuable career consultation to our clients. Our owner & engineer has more than 18 years experience in the music industry including: <br> <br> <br>Recording in numerous major label studios (SONY, TransCon) with multiple platinum and Grammy award winning musicians (WuTang, Nas). <br>The release of more than 10 commercial products through independent and major distribution channels (Sam Goodys, Tower, BestBuy, iTunes). <br>Shows and tours with major artists including Run DMC, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Jaron and more. <br>Experience negotiating and executing major media promotional campaigns and sponsorships including national tours (Readers Digest), print (Seventeen, YM, Billboard), radio (Clear Channel, COX, Infinity), TV (MTV2, VH1), and various online platforms. <br>Professionalism, quality, expertise and affordability set DMS apart from other recording facilities. Because our clients receive what they want, we know they will always come back. Client satisfaction = Loyalty = Repeat Business is the DMS mission statement. Please call or email us so we can show you that your vision is also ours.



  • Tha Code

    By Mr. Demedichi

  • Lets Get It On

    By Triple Deep

  • Life in the Fast Lane

    By Triple Deep

  • Imagine This

    By Triple Deep

  • Conquer The World

    By Infinite Syndicate

  • Falling Down

    By Mr. Demedichi

  • Game Official

    By PK

  • Im In Motion

    By PK

  • Kiss My Ass (KMA)

    By Mr. Demedechi

  • Lost Without You

    By CRE