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Artist background
Stolen Policecar

Stolen Policecar

Gothenburg, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Rock , Alternative , Rock

SPC - What a fucking waste! A band full of scream and shout, talent and potential, but also loaded with bitter resignation and not giving a shit. If you never knew it, that may be why. Hard, dirty and passionate rock'n'roll with style and twist. The band you love but never heard. Making you feel like you are the shit but also knowing how you sometimes, or always, just feel like shit. All in all, damn good shit. SPC recorded a debut album of 14 songs and the high quality of music, songwriting and over all great feeling of a classic masterpiece was supposed to make the record companies beg to release it. And eventually stuff were put into action. <br> <br>What else about SPC? Well you know me. Have you been at that afterhours party when you go on until you all start a band together? <br>Stolen Policecar is that kind of band. Members from different 90's alternative, grunge and death metal bands find themselves ending up around the stereo at the same parties and eventually in the same band. Established 2004. To Serve and Protect. - Still going wrong! <br> <br>2013: Currently working on the new album "Whipping the dead horse". <br> <br>June 2015: Release of the new single and video "Devil's kind".



  • Whipping the Dead Horse

    By Stolen Policecar

  • Always Dying

    By Stolen Policecar

  • Devil's Kind

    By Stolen Policecar

  • Oh No!! It's A...

    By Stolen Policecar