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Artist background




Dance , Electronic

SinSonic, is a Swedish producer, by the name Jonas Lindahl who believes in the creativity of music. Addicted to music since he was a kid. Started up playing the drums and piano, developed an interest in recording the result with an old 4-track tape recorder. <br> <br>As the Techno scene expanded during the 90s, he moved on to the tracker-scene under the alias JPL. Trance music market started to grow. As the trackers had their limits, he decided to learn how to use hardware synths, to express the vibes of trance music. His studio is at present, crowded with synths and effects. <br> <br>SinSonic is flexible when it comes to producing music, although Trance is a preferred favourite for style of music.


  • Far away

    By SinSonic

  • Arise

    By SinSonic

  • Tense Darkness

    By SinSonic

  • September Lady

    By Pole Position

  • Plastic waves

    By SinSonic

  • Astro

    By SinSonic

  • Social Ambitions & SinSonic - ..

    By Social Ambitions