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Artist background
Tony Bernardi

Tony Bernardi

Bethesda, United States of America


Electronic , Classical

Tony Bernardi is a composer and writer living and working in Bethesda, Maryland. His music is mostly through-composed, lyrical, and atmospheric and is often based on the topic of mysticism. <br> <br>Neo-baroque in style, Bernardi's music is informed by the works of Vivaldi, Mahler, Shostakovitch, and Philip Glass. His works consist of electronic art music, music for stage, vocal, and instrumental works as well as music for film. <br> <br>His “Slightly Uncomfortable” a multimedia dance stage work was premiered in the Capital Fringe Festival, Washington DC. July 2006, and is commercially available. <br> <br>Bernardi’s latest music album “Andrieus” is a program suite of electronic art music based on the life of the disciple Andrew. This work is was released in August 2011. Also his published literary work Dialogues is also available on <br> <br>Bernardi is the founder of HAP21, an art for peace organization which supports creative and artistic projects that promote peace awareness. <br>


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    By Tony Bernardi

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    By Tony Bernardi

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    By Tony Bernardi