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King SandBox

King SandBox

Plymouth, United Kingdom



A true and unashamed budget lo-fi alternative rock band who sometimes leave audiences scratching their heads in this age of pompous and precious new wave of rock persona which see's bands spending more time on their emo comb over then banging out a tune. <br> <br>Robert Bennett (Plymouth) <br>King Box writer,guitars,Stylophone <br> <br>Paul Tippett (Plymouth) <br>cymbal eating,stick breaking shovel'er of sound,drummer <br> <br>Rob Stillwell (Plymouth) <br>The second Sandman cometh with strings played low,bassist <br> <br>King Sandbox were formed in Plymouth U.K in 2004 with the 3 original members Robert Bennett, Ben Diffey and Paul Tippett. <br>They went on to record an E.P (Blisters in New Places) in 2005 at Plymouth's much loved and adored P.M.C. Studios with Doc Collins at the helm and played a handful of shows in their hometown. <br> <br>Lead by their talented songwriter and producer Rob Bennett they recorded and produced their own tracks at Valley View Studio's in 2006 with the intention of releasing a full length album to be titled "Yada Yada Yada". Unfortunately this was never released but some of the tracks are to be used on their forthcoming release. <br>The Box also received a favourable review in September's edition of Play Music Magazine in 2006 which sited their sound as "Driving riffola noise for the sake of it" and that "Their ear for a tune is faultless" <br>In 2009 The Box parted company with Bass Player Ben Diffey and recruited Rob Stillwell to continue their lo-fi sound in a high tech rock era. <br> <br>With Current CD 'Code Red' containing songs from both the Diffey and Stillwell eras of bass. <br>Also including lyrics penned by Robert Chapman on the epic 'Late' <br> <br>


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