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Artist background


Greeneville, IL, United States of America

Recruited By: .Cosmo Distribution.


To Every Cynic was formed in the late months of 2009, with members from multiple bands in Greenville, Illinois. Original member, Stephen Lauterbach, brought together from 350 miles away, had the idea of making explosive, driving, melodic tunes that would capture attention of many listeners. From there, Nick Robertson was initiated into the band by the only remaining member, Stephen. Nick and Stephen did not waste time, however. With only two members they managed to record and track all instruments/vocals for their newest release, Destiny Versus Future. Through the many connections and blessings from God, Caleb Loeppky was added to make what TEC feels is their best lineup yet. Bringing the count to three members, TEC is heavier and catchier than ever. Expect a bigger drive with a hint of programming to top it off.



  • Leaving Your Burdens

    By To Every Cynic