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Artist background


Drammen, Norway



Aeon Throne sprung to life during the summer holidays of 2010, when guitarist and songwriter Jørn finally decided he wanted to gather together musicians for an extreme metal band he had been writing music for and planning for years. He explained the project to long-time friend and bandmate Marius, who recently figured he was growing tired of the guitar and wanted to focus on his vocals. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to finally be able to work together properly after some unsuccessful projects in the past. <br> <br>Jørn continued writing songs while Marius worked on his vocals the rest of that summer until Marius by coincidence stumbled upon Simen, whom had been a part of the music scene in Drammen/Lier for a long time. The three gathered together to discuss the project and Simen quickly found himself more than willing to join on the bass. Through him the guys got in touch with Sondre which seemed to be the perfect drummer for the band. The lineup was complete! <br> <br>With most of the material already written, they were off to a quick start and not many rehearsals later, they played their first live show. From there they played a lot of gigs and started planning the release of an EP. During the preparations for the record they entered the Wacken Metal Battle competition in Norway and went all the way to first place, meaning they get to play on the biggest metal festival in the world; Wacken Open Air. <br> <br>Within a year the guys have achieved goals way ahead of their initial expectations and they are still pushing and working hard to bring this band to even higher levels!



  • Dawn

    By Aeon Throne