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Artist background
Tim Cody

Tim Cody

United Kingdom


Alternative , Vocal

Tim Cody’s musical career spans 20 years. It is not a career that is conspicuous by its commercial success, no, but it is one that has meant a great deal to many people nonetheless. In summer 1985 he burst onto the scene with his single ‘Circle Once Again’, taken from the album ‘Beached’. We loved it in France—sweet harmonies and acoustic 12-string guitar in the season of wretched English synth-singingalong. ‘Circle’ was followed by ‘Davey’ which, although it was released to rave reviews, sank without a trace. So did Cody, to sing Slim Gaillard’s travelling blues. He returned to Britain in 1989, then got another deal together, and began to record a new album, ‘Dig’. This is when I first met him—he was nervy and unhappy. The tape-masters of ‘Beached’ and ‘Dig’ would have to gather dust while he travelled again. <br> <br>I don’t know where he went, but he did leave a trail of clues: you can still hear his music played in a certain bar on a certain Greek island, on a boat in the Bay of Islands, in a cafe in a small village in Portugal, in a certain club in the Netherlands, in an apartment (or two) in Paris. One man in Thailand knows all the words to all the songs. <br> <br>In recent years Cody has reunited with three men from the ‘Circle’ days; players who were with him in those early London gigs; musicians who have since gone on to make their mark elsewhere. There’s Mark Smith – bassist, keyboard player and producer extraordinaire, Paul Stacey – guitar guru; and Jeremy Stacey – drummer to the stars. These three men bought into the story, and offered to make this album for all the right reasons. <br> <br>Two new albums have emerged: 'God knows it's Tim Cody' and 'Eskimo', both available at his web-site. He is currently working on a new album: 'Live at Amber Sands'. <br> <br>Someone once called it ‘Cody-culture’; I think that’s pretty good. But I know Cody himself prefers to think of it in terms of his songs simply telling his story, or in terms of sharing a few secrets. Whichever way you prefer to look at it, the album will tell you some of the story, and let you in on some of the secrets. You might even want to share a few... <br> <br>Valerie Lange <br>Paris, France <br>October 2004 <br>


  • Eskimo

    By tim cody

  • God knows it's Tim Cody

    By Tim Cody