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Artist background
Demoiselle Gosse

Demoiselle Gosse


Recruited By: Scout - 2151

Folk , Rock , Alternative


  • Puhalla

    By Jussi Wemberg Ystävineen

  • Tears Begin to Flow (silence i..

    By Flood Trail

  • Berliinin tytär

    By Corde Lisse

  • Maininki

    By Maininki

  • 150 Metres to Sunset

    By Total Fiasco

  • Elossa

    By Jussi Wemberg Ystävineen

  • Kätkytelämä

    By Jari Laasasen Valoisampi Tulevaisuus

  • If Something Should Happen To ..

    By End Of August

  • 420

    By Two Tongues Without Asbest

  • Nocturnal Misery

    By Diseased

  • The Frost

    By The Frost

  • Päivänvalossa

    By Jussi Wemberg