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Artist background
Elena Cherkasova

Elena Cherkasova

Russian Federation

Recruited By: Anna C Nova


ELENA CHERKASOVA – Russian singer and artist, who’s gifted with one of the strongest voices in the world now-a-days. <br> <br>Elena was born in a very deep countryside in Russia, which is situated on the river Volga. And just like the piece of gold she got from nature unbelievable power and bright colors what was harmonically released then in her looking and voice. Like each talented child Elena finished music school where she sang in chorus, played piano and after that was a teacher of music in the local kinder garden. <br> <br>The strong wish to be a professional artist never left Elena’s mind and in 2004 she took participation into the first international searching talents project in Russia “Music Bridge” and became a winner. After that Elena got a chance to be pre-listened by the songwriter and music producer Anna C. Nova who was not only extremely impressed by her voice, but just was stunned by Elena’s excellent abilities and talent on the one hand and at the same time by very strong personality what’s flowing out like the wild river. “It was something like hurricane what knocked me down. Especially her huge voice. – Anna said. – Immediately I got a strong wish to get Elena into my Artist Team”. It seems it was a right choice, because Anna and Elena record together wonderful songs. The first songs “ANOTHER LOVE” (pop ballad in the veins of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston) was included to CD compilation “Best of Nova” released in USA in 2006 and pop dance song “(YOU’LL BE) MINE” became #1 in various net music charts in USA. American music publisher James Goettel said: “It’s one of the best voices I have heard in years. It reminds me Gloria Gaynor and Bonnie Tyler”. <br> <br>And the latest tracks released last year – “STAY ALIVE” and “WE ARE ONE WORLD”. The basic idea of these songs is a huge and great and somehow has a reflection of the global world problems happened last years. These songs are written to give a moral support and helping hand to all people who feels not saved now, upset and hurt. Probably because of that fact the songs composed in gospel style – the most progressive and “never giving up” style. “Already a long ago Elena and me were planning to record gospel music. – Anna said. – It seems it’s very close to Elena and can show the most original potentiality of her voice. And once we got the time has come to do that. From the bottom of our hearts we want these songs to become such a kind of hymns and make people look at life not so pessimistic. I must say that I found this idea in Elena’s character: seeing her optimism, power and strength not to give up and reach a goal in life”. Video clip on “Stay Alive” followed shortly after, impressed public and became #1 in video charts. <br> <br>At the moment Elena is recording new songs and making some new video clips. As Elena is not a “one style” performer and always tries herself in different music genres next tracks will be something very special and original. <br>



  • Romantique

    By Elena Cherkasova

  • Stay Alive

    By Elena Cherkasova