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Artist background
Flynn The Pet

Flynn The Pet


Recruited By: Hasse


Old school emo and plain rock n roll. Flynn The Pet is Daniel Heiniemi (guitar), Jonas Bergh (Bass), Erik Norgren (Drums) and Markus Qvist (Guitar, Vocals). <br> <br>They first met up in Halmstad in 1996, split up the year after but Daniel and Markus kept on playing together until 2000 when they all reunited in the Close To A Ghost EP sessions. <br> <br>Recording the Oranga EP in a church the year after they are thrown out by the minister because of the "not so suitable" lyrics. The recordings are finished in Norgrens garage. In 2003 the work is started on the full length debut Anhedoni.The album sees the light of day in the following spring. The Death Of Dai Vernon EP is recorded in 2005 and released the same winter. <br> <br>The band is currently writing material for their second full length album, set to be released in 2012.



  • The Death Of Dai Vernon

    By Flynn The Pet

  • Anhedoni

    By Flynn The Pet