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Artist background
Purified Hatred

Purified Hatred

Trelleborg, Sweden



The members of Purified Hatred have been playing together since forever in a number of different bands and features members from Insilence, Zerocide, the Gonzalez and Xeroderma Pigmentosum. With this strong lineup it's no wonder the band have been making a name for themselves and getting recognition in a very short time. being compared to bands such as HATEBREED and LAMB OF GOD they blow away audiences with their seamless mix of Death/Thrash Hardcore metal that appeals to both the hardcore kids and the deathmetal audience. In the late fall of 2007 they recorded their 4 track debut Demo Ep named simply "Purified Hatred". Alot of gigs followed and the music keept on evolving in the studio and in the winter of 2009 Purified Hatred released their long awaited five track EP and the word is spreading fast. Purified Hatred is a force to be reckoned with



  • Purified Hatred

    By Purified Hatred

  • First Demo

    By Purified Hatred

  • House of cards

    By Purified Hatred

  • Juggernaut

    By Purified Hatred