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Artist background
Cartio Music

Cartio Music

Malmo, Sweden
A&R at Record Union



Cameron Cartio was born on April 9th in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 13, he began his artistic journey through music and hit his first notes on the keys of a piano.?? Cameron Cartio’s first single “Roma” from his upcoming album “Borderless” was sang in a completely non-existent and innovated language and later heard, auditioned and signed instantly by SONY/BMG in Sweden which has now led to some 20+ songs, a half a dozen music videos and many live performances worldwide. The song Roma was on the Top10 chart for most selling record in Sweden for 7 weeks.??His second single Henna was written as a duet and performed alongside the grand master and worldwide famous Cheb Khaled. ??International communities such as middle-Easterners, Scandinavians, Greeks, Germans and French people are embracing this young performer’s music style and artistic image. <br>After a very successful debut album, once again Cameron is writing and producing another album that is in Cameron´s own words going to be “a refreshed and ground breaking sound of myself”. <br>Cameron says " I love taking my time and experiment with different ideas and sounds when I write new songs, but even more important I try as much as I can to work with and bring in other co-musician’s creative inputs into my songs. One particular artist whom Cameron is working closely with is the “dance” music producer & phenomenon Ali Payami who has made several international remixes and original tracks for well known artists around the world. The collaboration between these two creative song writers is going really great, not just because of their talent but also due to the fact that they grew up together as close friends in the city of Malmo, Sweden. <br>Johan Bejerholm and Anderz Wrethov, both great Swedish song writers and producers whom have had many international hits on their own are working with Cameron on this new upcoming album as well. <br>Cameron´s first song from the upcoming album is titled "Electric" an energetic and vibrant song that has influences from Western and Eastern music cultures with a touch of Cameron’s own flavor added to it. The Music Video for this song is once again directed by Cameron´s older brother Alec Cartio who according to Cameron himself is the most talented and well known Iranian music video director of all time and whom has also been a mentor for Cameron throughout his life.




    By Cameron Cartio

  • Bespar Be Khoda (Leave it To G..

    By Cameron Cartio

  • Beresoon

    By Cameron Cartio

  • Delam Asireh


  • Ye Divone (Crazy one)

    By Cameron Cartio

  • Coundo Volveras

    By Cameron Cartio

  • Bia Nazdiktar (Closer)

    By Cameron Cartio

  • Electric

    By Cameron Cartio