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Artist background
The spike heel sex sound

The spike heel sex sound

barcelona, Italy



THE SPIKE HEEL SEX SOUND_ <br>" Following our traditional musics, through exotical stars explorations, we found ourselves immersed in a cosmic Melody, hypnotized by a simple rhythm, natural as the breezy noise of the spike heels of a Woman". _____________________________________________ On February 2010, Stefano Fristachi decides to introduce his music to the World. Thanks to the magik carpet of the band, the simple harmonies of his guitar can find a confortably swing...can take shape and turn into melodies, walking in a sunny Alternative Funky Swing electro-Beat!! <br> _The Spike Heel Sex Sound _ <br>A Shake between fresh pushing musics and new romantic lyrics. A poetry that browses between a daily disappointment...and the strong human fight to develop and exploit itself. The Band of Barcelona, believes that the life of ideas and feelings is the only real way forward for a full life. <br>" My name is Stefano Fristachi...I always loved the Beat, the Rhythm...since i was a little child....and since I'm a man...I really use to love the women's been...One day, walking around in Barcelona, i were casually following a wonderfull woman, ... hypnotized by the rhythm of her hips and by the fresh eternal chime of her spike heels..." <br>The spike heel sex sounds: <br>The sexy noise of a woman walk!! ...that BEAT!!...that rhytm!! Alternative Electro funky pop.ular... ..yes, because the lyrics they would like to be pop.ular. <br>In this second album " Blue Bird Special ", The Spike Heel Sex Sound is trying to adventure his HEELS on the world of electronical experimentation.



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