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Artist background
We & Lisa

We & Lisa

Lund, Sweden


Electronic , Dance , Pop

THE STORY SO FAR - <br> <br>Singer Petter and Doc Ron met in 2003 in the Swedish soccer team Doolittle BK. Petter played Doc Ron a few of his songs and the latter was so impressed that he instantly felt that the two of them just had to form a pop group. Which they did. <br> <br>The goalie Ante soon brought his guitar and the band We & Lisa was a reality. In May 2004 the guys released their first D.I.Y. E.P. C’mon C’mon. <br> <br>In December 2006 the band’s very first live gig took place at Blekingska nationen in Lund. <br> <br> <br>BAND MEMBERS - <br> <br>Petter Hartman Magnusson - vocals, Ante Andersson - lead guitar, Doc Ron - keyboards, programming <br> <br> <br>FILE UNDER - <br> <br>Pop / Disco House / Electro <br> <br> <br>INFLUENCES - <br> <br>Prefab Sprout, Stone Roses, Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Libertines, Pixies, Byrds, OMD, Blow Monkeys, Burt Bacharach, Smiths, Eggstone, New Order, Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends, Scritti Politti, Devo, Pet Shop Boys, Saint Etienne, Go-Betweens, Duran Duran, Left Banke, Ron Sexsmith, Danny Wilson, Velvet Underground, Clash, Zombies, Happy Mondays, Phil Spector, Lloyd Cole, Serge Gainsbourg, A-Ha… <br> <br> <br>DISCOGRAPHY - <br> <br>We & Lisa: Winter E.P. (December 2009) <br>Your Indifference (Doc Ron Remix) <br>Under My Protection <br>Your Indifference <br> <br>We & Lisa: Summer E.P. (June 2009) <br>Independence <br>I Am You <br>Independence (Doc Ron Remix) <br> <br>We & Lisa: Dreams Within A Dream (March 2009) <br>Let The Wind (Take You Back) <br>Keep Your Eyes Wide Open <br>Ana <br>Fallin’ <br>Ana (Reprise) <br>Godess Of Lust <br>C’mon C’mon <br>A Love Strong As Ours <br>Too Close For Comfort <br>When You’re A Boy <br>Dream Sequence/She Is On Your Mind <br>Dreams (Outtro) <br> <br>Dreams Within A Dream consists of the Ana E.P. and edited 2009 versions of tracks from previous E.P.’s. <br> <br> <br>We & Lisa: Ana E.P. (September 2008) <br>Ana <br>Too Close For Comfort <br>Ana (Reprise) <br> <br>V/A: Series Two Records Volume 5 (April 2008) <br>featuring When You’re A Boy <br> <br>We & Lisa: Fallin’ <br>(Only available on MySpace, June 2007) <br> <br>V/A: Groove CD 9 2006 (GROOVE0609, September 2006) <br>featuring When You’re A Boy <br> <br>We & Lisa: When You’re A Boy E.P. (August 2006) <br>When You’re A Boy <br>We Cry <br>Keep Your Eyes Wide Open (Campfire version) <br> <br>We & Lisa: Let The Wind (Take You Back) E.P. (March 2006) <br>Let The Wind (Take You Back) <br>She Is On Your Mind <br>Goddess Of Lust <br> <br>We & Lisa: A Love Strong As Ours E.P. (August 2005) <br>A Love Strong As Ours <br>Hours From L.A. <br>You Used To Know Them <br> <br>V/A: Groove CD 3 2005 (March 2005) <br>featuring Keep Your Eyes Wide Open <br> <br>We & Lisa: Keep your Eyes Wide Open E.P. (February 2005) <br>Keep your Eyes Wide Open <br>The Dream (That I’m Dreamin’) <br>Alive <br> <br>We & Lisa: C’mon C’mon E.P. (May 2004) <br>C’mon C’mon <br>Dream Sequence/Stay With Myself <br>Dreams (Outtro)



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