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Artist background
Lé Betre

Lé Betre

Recruited By: Scout - 1373

Rock , Blues

Lé Betre creates music. Mostly blues influenced rock music. The band was founded in Leksand, a small village in Sweden back in 2011. <br> <br>The band released two EPs (A Bat And A Unicorn 2011 & Gentlemens Club Cabin 2012) before recording and putting out their debut album Melas in February 2014 on their own label, shipping vinyls in pizza boxes world wide from their living room. In addition to the new album Lé Betre will release a split 12" vinyl with the New York band King Buffalo this summer/fall of 2014 in the US on STB Records. <br> <br>"If you close your eyes and pretend that you are not in Falun in 2013, one might think that you are in England, and that the year is 1972. But if you choose to keep your eyes open you also get the aesthetic that this music requires. The entire band's performance feels very professional, and the vocals, well, I don't know when I last heard a voice like that." - Dalarnas daily newspaper <br> <br>Lé Betre is Marcus Jonsson on vocals/guitar, Anders Westman on guitar, Roger Lysén on Bass and Jonas Sahlberg on drums. <br> <br>MELAS reviews: <br>8/10 Close Up Magazine <br>8/10 Rocknytt <br>7/10 Sweden Rock Magazine <br>4/5 Dalarnas Tidningar <br> <br> <br>TSHIRTS, VINYLS <br> <br> <br>MUSIC: <br>Spotify: <br>Bandcamp: <br>iTunes: <br>Soundcloud: <br>Last.FM:é+Betre <br> <br>INTERNET <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>SHOWS: <br>



  • Melas

    By Lé Betre

  • Gentlemens Club Cabin

    By Lé Betre

  • A bat and a unicorn

    By Lé Betre