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Artist background
Diabolical Kids

Diabolical Kids

Halmstad/Göteborg, Sweden
Recruited By: Hasse


Diabolical Kids consists of three guys in their late twenties who grew up together along Sweden's most beautiful beaches. The power trio formed in 2010 and in terms of sound, the main road leads to the California desert and the origins of desert rock. <br>But there are also time and space for stops on the way, just like in life. <br> <br>There's a lack of desert landscape along the west coast but plenty of salt water and beaches, something that is also reflected in the music with wet surf reverb, garage influences and a conspiracy surrounding the occult, space, and psychedelia. Simply the perfect soundtrack for a roadtrip under a full moon along the coast. <br>  <br>The kids are not another Swedish retrorock act. They are here with a more modern sound. <br>Aside from been described as Halmstads scrotum crushers theres been more clearer references like a dirtier Royal Blood or Rival Sons.



  • Salt Water B-sides

    By Diabolical Kids

  • Night Fevers

    By Diabolical Kids

  • Salt Water Stoner

    By Diabolical Kids

  • Death Valley

    By Diabolical Kids

  • Diabolical Kids

    By Diabolical Kids