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Artist background
Trailerpark Idlers

Trailerpark Idlers

Norrköping, Sweden



The story of Trailerpark Idlers began in September 2006 when Morgan Hellman and JK Andersson decided to start a country band that would go a little beyond the genre. With influences from traditional country such as Hank Williams, Carter family and Johnny Cash, and the attitude of the punk generation, Trailerpark Idlers came up with a sound of their own. <br> <br>Trailerpark Idlers are into a never-ending recording session. Though they has exist as a band less than five years they have released nine CD’s so far. They have their own recording studio called “The Forge” and their own label called “Something Wicked”. <br>The band: <br>Miss LisaLee – Lead Vocals/Guitar. <br>Morgan Hellman – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Banjo. <br>JK Andersson – Mandolin/Accordion/Banjo/Upright Bass <br>Ben Dee – Upright Bass/Banjo/Guitar <br>



  • The Rumble & The Roar

    By Trailerpark Idlers

  • The Power Of The Lord Will Set..

    By Trailerpark Idlers

  • Well, That's Life... Or It Was

    By Trailerpark Idlers

  • Death, Jail Or Hillbilly Music..

    By Trailerpark Idlers