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Artist background
Walking Disorder

Walking Disorder


Recruited By: Hasse


Walking Disorder is an exprimental metalband from Gothenburg that was formed in early mars of 2010. The lineup then was Alexander Olsson, Marcus Larsson and Gösta Carlstrand who still plays in the band, and Andreas Kanz all of us born in the 1993. We started to work out with some heavymetal smelling riffs that we just put together to make some songs that we wanted to play, but became more rough. We did some instrumental gigs and it went straight to.... When the summer was over and it was time for school we had'nt played together for about 3 months. We had a hell of an hangover and it was time to take care of "Monsterstage 2010".. Well, i can tell you it wasn't our best gig with cold sweats and quite near to land a vomit on the monitors! In october we tried a new vocalist "Sebastian Colque" and it felt really good, and after 2 hits at the rehearsalroom it was time to enter the stage of “Meeths” with JESAIAH and FROM THIS MOMENT among others. We had'nt played so many gigs so we were quite unexperienced, and it went okay.. We had a couple of gigs in oktober and november with the same lineup. But in the beginning of December we tried a new drummer (Joakim Westlund) and we decided to take him with us! We were rehearsing in about one week and then it was time to compete in Alerocken 2010, and we won it all! It was from here the band was fullended and all the pieces was there they should be! In 2011 we started to go for it and have been playing almost every weekend with undergroundbands from Gothenburg and more famous bands like FTM ect, we have been interviewed on the Radio P4 Gothenburg with Hasse Andersson and we will open for Daniel Adams -Ray @ Festivalborg 2011. <br> <br>There is hard to categorize us under a specific genre/subgenre when we all have different influenses and putting it together into songs we're feeling that we want to represent. We won't sound like other bands, and we're not compare ourselfes with other bands. We are Walking Disorder, and we're doing our own thing! One thing you guys shall know is that we are not that kind of guys that are playing in the rehearsalroom and doing some gigs waiting to be “discovered”. We think that the only way to reach the top is to work really hard for it and we won't be afraid of meeting any resistance.We're together working hard and aiming for the top. We are doing our thing and we're doing it with a whole heart. <br> <br>Our EP is selfproduced and contains 3 songs! <br> <br>Screams: Sebastian Colque <br>Bass: Gösta Carlstrand <br>Guitars/2nd Vocals: Alexander Olsson <br>Guitars: Marcus Larsson <br>Drums: Joakim Westlund <br> <br>Walking Disorder. English words, swedish grammar. <br>You better walk in this order. <br>



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