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Artist background
The Fiery Piano

The Fiery Piano

Stockholm, Sweden



The Fiery Piano is homemade sparkling pop music with dusty samples, yet crispy high-definition future quality sound (in stereo), dramatic, kind of big at times, sweetness in the lows (negative hz), details to discover, layers to peel, fuzzy vocals, DIY, not made to earn more money for old men in new suits who already have enough. <br> <br>Every soundwave has been carefully hand-picked from eco-friendly healthy herbal gardens. Disturbing frequencies are deliberately reduced in volume for the listeners comfort, however, exceptions may occur on account of less ideal recording environments (rehearsal spaces, apartments), equipment, HEALTH. You get sick at times, sweeping frequencies as if there were flies invading the screen. <br> <br>The Fiery Piano is brought to you by Gustaf Montelius, who started the band by releasing a 4-track EP in 2011, called Sirens EP. <br> <br>Playing live, the band is also Daniel Nilsson, Kristoffer Byström, Max Anderhell, and Joel Eriksson. <br> <br>Favorite stargazer/cosmologist Carl Sagan and parts of his book Cosmos was an inspiration for the debut album Second Space (as well as some other things, e.g. spending too much time alone, trying to figure out stuff), which is set for release in January 2013, post-supposed-doomsday, via the band’s own label Mega Mountain Records. <br> <br> <br>From Stockholm, Sweden. With love. <br> <br>Thank you, truly, for listening. <br>



  • Second Space

    By The Fiery Piano